Satellite Teams is trusted by leading law firms in the US to provide them with top-notch global talent to join their exceptional legal teams. Our wide talent pool of remote legal rockstars are qualified to perform a number of responsibilities in every step of the legal process.

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How Leading Law Firms Utilize Our Satellite Teams

How A High Demand Law Firm Streamlined Its Litigation
Process With A Remote Paralegal

Managing a large caseload for continuously growing law firms is hard enough as it is. Pairing it with overwhelmed attorneys and staff, this California law firm decided to add Cheryl Anne, a full-time remote litigation paralegal to their team. The firm significantly reduced its attorneys’ workload as Cheryl Anne efficiently prepares legal documents, conducts research, and supports lawyers in negotiation settlements. And as a result, the firm improved its case management process, increased the speed of its operations, and provided better outcomes for clients.


Lien Negotiator

Our industry-trained lien negotiators are highly sought after for their skills in negotiating post-settlement liens from hospitals, insurance companies, and private medical providers. They excel in communicating with clients and have comprehensive knowledge of legal procedures.

Hire Seasoned Legal
Professionals Remotely

Demand Writer

M. Advincula


M. has a combined working experience of 3 years up her sleeve. With her expertise in in-depth research, communication, and technical writing, M. is the ideal, qualified demand writer to support your legal team.


Dedicated demand writer with a strong grasp of drafting and delivering demand packages, organizing medical records and insurance correspondence, and maintaining communication with clients through the settlement process.


M. started working as a researcher supporting writers in developing in-depth reports. With her language proficiency in English and Spanish, M. also worked as a translator before joining the legal industry full-time.

Legal Specialist

V. Florez


In his 4 years of combined experience, V. has worked her way through the marketing and legal field. She has an immersive background in assisting with the development of marketing campaigns and administrative duties for a US-based law firm.


A reliable remote marketing professional experienced in implementing marketing campaigns across different channels, managing multiple legal accolades, researching competitor creatives, coordinating the firm’s key activities, and more.


V. started as a marketing intern after receiving her bachelor’s degree in communication. Her marketing expertise comes from her recent roles as a marketing assistant before becoming a dedicated marketing coordinator in a leading US law firm.

Sr. Accounting Specialist

A. Pascual


A. has a cumulative working experience of 5 years as an accounting professional. He has worked in a few companies with a proven track record in accounts optimization, vendor management, and budget control.


High-performing accounting staff with knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and expertise in managing financial accounts, performing bank reconciliation, recording financial data, and utilizing accounting software such as Quickbooks.


A. is a Certified Public Accountant who started as an accounting associate in his home country. Working his way through the industry, A. became an accounting specialist for a US-based company leading 15 people in his remote team.

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